Did Homeland Security Seize And Then Unseize A Dynamic DNS Area?

That needs to be obvious to anybody who reads here repeatedly. The industry views copyright infringement as a way more severe crime than youngster porn, so IP laws ought to abide by a decrease commonplace and can ignore pesky issues like prior restraint and the First and Fourth Amendments. All authoritarians know that little one porn serves a useful purpose – it permits all sorts of government actions to have the excuse that we’re simply protecting the kids. If youngster porn went away you’ll destroy innumerable grandstands and questionable power grabs that conceal behind “We must protect the youngsters” while actually doing nothing that effectively protects the kids.

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If it had been a sub-domain really being run by the area proprietor, I can see taking it down (again, some due course of would have been nice), but this can be a case of a service provider being shut down as a result of some (tiny) percent of it’s customers have used the service for illicit functions. Now, let us take a look at that from the residence owner perspective. ICE raided an house building with eighty four,000 flats and imprisoned EVENYONE for several days. They put up notices that their friends, coworkers, and household could see saying that THEY have been baby pornographers. Then, they launched all the individuals (did they nonetheless have a number of the websites offline at the end of this?).

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So, as an alternative, they price the location proprietor just a few dollars to register a new area with a registrar outside of the US authorities attain. So, if these websites actually do have child porn, all the ICE has performed is make it more durable to prosecute the people responsible, whereas nonetheless preserving the content accessible. That does not excuse going to the higher degree supplier. Again, that isn’t any different than shutting down thecom area to pull a single website. Notably when free speech is involved, the government is supposed to limit their seizure to the smallest space doable around the unlawful content material – they used a bazooka to kill a fly.